Known the release date, plot cast and more about the upcoming episode of Sen Cal Kapimi

Known the release date, plot cast and more about the upcoming episode of Sen Cal Kapimi

The famous turkey drama is gaining popularity very fast. People are impressed by the casting and love how the director Yusuf Pirhasan, Ender Millar, and Altan Dönmez have presented the show. With great anticipation audience, want to know more about the storyline.

The story of Sen Cal Kapiki seems to be interesting and loveable for the audience. The first episode had made a good impact for the show and the star cast had adapted the role in all aspects which build the bridge of connection between the audience and the show.

Many of the people want to know about the release date of Sen Cal Kapimi’s episode 2. People are really excited and seem quite interested. People found some spark in it to enjoy the further period of lockdown with this show.

Today we will cover almost everything about your favorite show Sen Cal Kapiti.

Release Date

The release date seems closer than you expect. It is likely to see that episode every Wednesday. If the luck of the system goes with the show you will have your favorite show on your tv screens or on your mobile / tablet.

Most likely the series launched the first episode on 8 July. They were attempting to release the second one in July and they are ready to stream further episodes on youtube.


The Star Cast is really impressive and the way they have adapted the role which will make you love the show more. Listed down are the Star Cast of the Show Sen Cal Kimpi.

  • Hande Erçel as the role of Eda Yildiz
  • Melisa Döngel as the role of Ceren BasarBige
  • Ismail Ege Sasmaz as Kaan Karadağ
  • Cagri Citanak as the role of Ferit Simsek
  • Anil Ilter as the role of Engin Sezgin
  • .Elcin Afacan as the role of Melek Yücel
  • Önal as the role of Selin Atakan
  • Kerem Bürsin as the role of Serkan Bolat
  • Evrim Doğan as Ayfer Yıldız

They have more cast but as the side actor or few cameos, as they also impressed us a lot.


Sen Cal Kimpi will hit the top of all charts for sure, but it seems like you loved our article because in a fraction of seconds you reached the cessation. Hope you read our articles more and we will keep entertaining and engaging you all. Stay tuned for more fresh content!


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