Kung fu Panda is an American animated comedy film created by John Stevenson and Mark Osborne. The movie based on ancient china human-like animals. Out of which the movie revolves around joyful panda named Po. He is very energetic. The story revolves around when Po selected as Dragon warrior and he then made an army for defeating the evil energetic kung fu name Tai Lung.

The Kung fu panda released on 6 June 2008 with a budget of 13 crores USD. The makers first thought of making a martial art film but later on, they thought of making comedy-animated films. The film produced by DreamWorks Animation executive. It was the first time for the production house to launch an action-comedy computer-animated movie. It got positive reviews and had earnings of 63.17 crores USD and became DreamWorks Animated biggest hit without any sequel on the box office. 

Star cast for voice-

Jack Black as Po

Dustin Hoffman

Angelina Jolie as Tigress

Ian McShane

Seth Rogen  etc


And it is expected the fun element of amazing backstage voice of our favourite characters will be engaging us this season as well. After the blockbuster hit of the first part, makers created sequel was Kung fu Panda 2 released on 26 may 2011 and Kung fu Panda 3 released on January 29, 2016, and on the same date, its television series Kung fu Panda: Legends of Awareness was also released. 

The television series premiered on Nickelodeon with the same production.With the back-to-back blockbusters, the makers have decided to launch the fourth sequel of it. However, until now there is no final statement of releasing it.  There were chances of releasing it in 2018 but did not occur and seeing the current pandemic situation it is not possible to come in this year too. 

The plot has created, as Po knew that he is a dragon warrior and slowly and steadily, he is becoming more courageous, brave, and energetic. Nevertheless, it’s just a guess there might be sure a surprise for all the fans waiting eagerly for the fourth sequel.

Until then stay tuned!


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