Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills says why racial injustice issues need to be addressed on their show.

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Kyle Richards, the Real Housewives from Beverly Hills, said that racial justice and equality are important issues.

While many of Bravo’s efforts to diversify casts and delve into the subject of equal opportunities have been supported by many of the TV franchise companies, some have loudly retreated from social media.

After a heated retreat last year when Kyle and American star-mate Garcelle Beauvais quarrel about payment for a charitable auction item, a lightning stroke occurred on RHOBH.

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After the conflict, season 11 opened with an extended scene in which Garcelle talked with Kyle and her racial consequences leading them to agree on moving forward. 

In a recent interview, Kyle looked back at the importance of this scene and told us: “I was so glad to talk about that. I wanted to hear what she said, and I wanted to listen. I tried to listen. I always admired Garcelle. Therefore it meant a lot to me to have that interaction.

“Certain things have moved me, and I’ve just been glad. I know sometimes part of the public says, “Oh, we don’t want to hear about that show stuff.” Some enjoy it, and others claim they don’t want to hear it. However, this is what [in the world] is happening.

“It’s a programme of reality, not a script. What is happening in the world, and with us, we’re going. These things must be dealt with.”

Kyle was also happy to announce that she is back on course in her emerging friendship with Garcelle with these two air clearers.

She said, “We’re wonderful. We’re really in a good position.” “I genuinely thought we both were ready to start from scratch following this chat and just appreciate one another and have fun, and so we did.”

New episodes of Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are on Hayu in the UK on Thursdays, with Bravo showing in the United States.

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