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Laila Majnu an Indian romantic movie released in the year 2018 , star cast of the movie being Avinash Tiwary playing the lead role and Tripti Dimri as the lead actress. Directed by Imtiaz Ali and co-produced by Ekta Kapoor, SHobha Kapoor and Preety Ali.

Laila and Majnu cast

Laila and Majnu Quick Movie Review

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When Laila, Tripti Dimri, expresses doubts, Qais responds in  typical Tiwary fashion, “Humari kahaani likhi gayi hai (our story is already written)” (Tripti Dimri). To her, he sounds like a romantic or a lunatic; his reactions are ambiguous. The story, on the other hand, has been written—not just in Persian, but in a variety of other languages over the centuries. Laila Majnu, Sajid Alis’s directorial debut, is based on the classic play Laila and Majnu and is set in modern Kashmir, where volatility has little impact on life in the region, but the age-old elusiveness of love remains the root cause of melancholy and tragedy. Although the conflict is irrelevant, Kashmir is most likely the best Indian setting for the Persian story. The landscape and culture are rich in lyricism, but neither of them interferes with the two lovers’ romance. The film is so full of flimsy clichés that the poetic appeal of the story is completely lost. Only the manner in which Qais and Laila meet is unusual. He pees on her – what a surprise !!

Parallels between Laila Majnu’s first and second halves are impossible to draw as long as one avoids thinking of a two-part film. At first, Laila is courted by a wealthy Qais, while a slew of Majnu’s fight. She’s a big fan of Maine Pyar Kiya (1989), and she’s hoping for a Bollywood romance from the director. The shops stick to a tried-and-true narrative formula of quiet love versus parental opposition, making you forget the classic rather than the soapy courtship. It’s a shop about lunacy and melancholy, with a second half about longing and desire.

Layla and Majnun’s “virgin love,” in which the two never marry or complete their business, could be best told through melodrama. However, the first half fails to commit to melodrama or reality. I’m not sure realistics can do the story’s inherent exaggeration and passion justice. It’s taken in a tense limbo. However, the second half of the film, with the appropriate exaggeration, soulful melodies, and acting abilities, provides the appropriate melodrama. Qais’ mental deterioration is evocative and unconditional, making you deeply sympathetic to it. Majnu’s poetic descent into insanity is briefly explained as depression in Qais due to the modern environment, but the film quickly shifts to fantasy, mania, and obsession. Tiwary, unlike Dimri, appears to be completely in control of his insanity. It is sometimes better to let go of a plethora of passion, and in the case of Laila Majnu, it is later than ever.

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Laila and Majnu Movie Plot

Using the classical folklore of Layla and Majnun lovers as inspiration, Laila and Majnu face issues that are relevant to today’s young people in modern Kashmir. With their feuding families, an enthusiastic love shop unfolds. Laila, portrayed in her own imaginative world as a girl, always dreamed of meeting a’special’ person in her life on a fateful night when she secretly left her house for a prayer, in a gravelyard to meet her loved one. Qais and her friends pursue her until she is finally given her phone number. The plot leads to their families’ romantic intimacy against the backdrop of rivalry. The city’s romance quickly spreads, which eventually reaches Laila’s family, and her father warns her not to use it so badly. Laila continues to see Qais and is eventually apprehended despite her warnings. Laila is forcibly married to Ibban, who is politically supportive of her father.

Qais, heartbroken, has fled town, while Laila is fighting domestic violence with her husband. Laila and Qais are overcome with the desire to remain together after meeting after 4 years apart. Laila’s husband is not present for the meeting, but she is asked to stay away from Qais for a month until Iddat.

When Qais flies into the mountains, however, things worsen because she is tired of waiting. Soon after, he is impressed by Sufism and realises that Laila does not have to fulfil his love. Laila also realises that Qais no longer requires her assistance. Soon after, she committed suicide, and Qais died near her grave. Her lovers gathered after her death.

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How to download or where to watch Laila and Majnu

Laila and Majnu can be watched on Zee5 only if are already a spremium account subscriber but if not you can download the movie from the internet through various torrents and download links. Though Laila and Majnu’s copy right aren’t that expensive but it is still not available on free platforms like Jio Cinema and Youtube.


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