Larissa, fame of 90 Day Fiancé, Chooses ‘Money Over Fame’ In Post-Firing CamSoda Show!!


90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? fame Larissa Dos Santos Lima is now speaking impassively after being fired from the TLC, that she has chosen money over fame. This week is proving itself dizzy for the star. 

What is the matter?

She has recently appeared on CamSoda, which results in her firing from the show and she is looking cleared about the choice that she prefers money over fame. She has performed hour-long live streaming for the site, where she wore a stunning white bikini with applying oil over her chest. 

The site earned over $100,000 from her stream. She was paid high for her performance, so now she is getting hight paychecks that she is enjoying. She made her decision confirm by posting a picture of herself in lingerie with a note written ‘Money over Fame’ ending with some laughing emojis. So, she has cleared her viewers that she is no more a part of TLC.

More about the matter

If you are assuming Larissa and her decision right then you are underestimating the other factors. Last month she was seen moving with Eric’s mother, by coincidence her name is Debbie. She was also fired from TLC and got arrested by the ICE agents.

Further, she was released after a one-year hearing. Moreover, she also faced Colt Johnson at the reunion where he has shown his habit of insulting. He insulted the looks of Larissa that added a new chapter in their long loyal rivalry.

The only thing common between John and Larissa is that they do modeling for Only Fans. It seems that OnlyFans accounts get passes from the TLC producers and now for her no-family-friendly behaved she is fired from the show after being appearing for CamSoda. 


Her comment resulted in the criticism of the star that she prefers money over everything, including criticism from her ex-husband Colt which is expected. It is also heard that she had borrowed money from her boyfriend Eric for her plastic surgery and hasn’t paid it back yet.

Reports from Larissa’s fans say that she has paid the respected amount from the money she has earned from the show. 

Despite all her criticism, Larissa is following the same way she has chosen and she is quite happy with it because somewhere she knows too that her fame isn’t going anywhere.


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