Last Call Review: Closing Time

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Starring Jeremy Piven in the lead role, “Last Call” knits the story about McDougal, a real estate developer who took charge of everything including his household and neighborhood when his mother passed away and his father was finding it difficult to get through.

What is the real theme of “Last Call”?

The movie starts taking the theme as comedy, but beneath that comedy, comes the talent of directors who tried to craft the role of neighbors with utmost perfection. They are the people who lay the foundation for many lives.

Is “Last Call” a funny series?

When we met Mick for the very first time, he was a very sweet youth having a very lofty present life. He was shown very sweet in the childhood flashback.

Bet when he got back into the reality where he was working in a pub dragged him to his contrasting personality where he was not sweet anymore.

And suddenly it takes us to the time where Mick was shown very guilty of leaving his neighborhood and family. 

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What is happening on the parallel side?

On the parallel side, makers are narrating the story of Mick’s boss, Dougal. 

Instead of making life something meaningful, Dougal, Whitey and Paddy are into ‘sex bat’ which were destroying their adult life very badly. We have to see further whether would they be able to get out of this conflict or remain in it every day?

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Why is it a wasted potential?

Jeremy Piven has played the role of Nick. But it can be noticed that Piven has a natural comedy instinct. His charisma converts the serious scenes into comedy.

There were few other actors too who could have nailed the role of Mick. 

But still, Piven has got much appreciation and love from the audience. But on the contrary side, other audience says that Robert Downey Jr. could have done it better. 

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