Last year’s popular movie Downton Abbey is coming with its sequel!!

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If you are a fan of 2019’s hit Downton Abbey, then it is obvious that you are waiting eagerly for its sequel. We have witnessed a lot of drama and scandals in the movie and everyone who has watched the movie is waiting to see more of it. 

So we have good news for you. If you want to know whether it is coming with its sequel or not then scroll down and get all the updates.

Chances of Downton Abbey sequel!!

Producer Gareth Neame had already confirmed its sequel just after the release of Downton Abbey. But talking about the release of the sequel is crucial. We all know that the pandemic has delayed all the production work of films and the television industry and this might be a reason for keeping us wait for more. 

Gareth has said in an interview that they are trying to get everyone from the movie back together and then they will start working on the story. He added that it is difficult to say when the movie will be completed. According to Gareth, the most challenging part of the sequel is to figure out the time when everyone will be available. 

There is some news revealing that the actors had seen the script and also they are looking forward to getting reunited with all the cast and crew members. Rumors are also saying that the shooting for the sequel will start this summer but nothing is confirmed yet as the spread of coronavirus has given a lot of restrictions in traveling and working. 

Expected stars reprising in the sequel!!

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According to Jim Carter, the actor of the Downton franchise, fans will see all the familiar faces reprising their roles. Faces like Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, Laura Carmichael, and Joanne Froggatt are confirmed for their respective roles. 

It is expected that we will see the same story in the sequel with more fun and excitement. We can also witness that what will happen to Violet Crawley.

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the sequel of Downton Abbey and we hope to get it soon. We will keep you updated with all the information and updates regarding the sequel. You just need to stay tuned with us and enjoy reading.


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