Latest news about the new BBC One series: Time

Courtesy: BBC

The Times has been the talk of the hour lately which is all up to focus on the prison system in the UK. The system is not alone which would be made to answer questions and pose certain revelations but all those people working under or for the system will also be put in this scenario, including the inmates and guards. 

It is believed to be a story of penitence, guilt, forgiveness, and punishment written by Jimmy McGovern (Moving On, Broken) which would showcase the effect of prison on people who get the opportunity to pass through the phase. Considering the plot of the show, we are rest assured that the emotional stake will be high here.

The filming of the show began around Liverpool in late 2020. However, as of now, we do not have a confirmed release date. Makers have likely kept everything sealed for the critics and the audience. The most special element about Time would be the reunion of two of the best-known actors of Britain – Stephen Graham (Line of Duty) and Sean Bean (Game of Thrones).

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Both of them would feature in the movie or let’s say in yet another of Jimmy McGovern’ creations. Both the actors have expresses anything but positivity on being given a chance to work alongside one another. They seem extremely excited to get into the project as soon as possible.

The cast of the show has been confirmed which includes the likes of Sue Johnston (The Royle Family), Siobhan Finneran (Happy Valley), David Calder (The World Is Not Enough), Nadine Marshall (Small Axe), Hannah Walters (This is England), Aneurin Barnard (Dunkirk), and Michael Socha (This is England).


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