Lauren Cohan: Walking Dead Should Come To An End With A 40-Year Time Jump


As per a recent interview with NME, Actress Lauren Cohan (character name: Maggie in The Walking Dead series) expressed here desires to get over with the series of The Walking Dead with a time Jump of 40 years where the star cast will be showcased in their future, revealing how Maggie has survived until the old age. 

She wants to see an end of the long-running post-apocalyptic drama with an eventful closer where Maggie’s elderly hands are shown in a closeup shot while telling a long story of survival.

Little History about the series:

It is the 11th season of The Walking Dead which was set to premiere this year, but it got delayed due to the obvious reasons of a worldwide pandemic. 

For your information, the season finale for The Walking Dead Season 10 was aired just recently on 4th Oct 2020 which was earlier planned to come out in April of this year. 

There is another speculation that season 10 of The Walking Dead will have extra 6 episodes under the title of A Certain Doom. Fans seem to be very excited to know about it as Lauren seems to be back in them as per the previews.

However, in an Interview, Lauren commented about how she sees the end of the long-running show. She wants to see the far future around 40-years’ time jump with some cryptic end where fans keep wondering about what will happen with the character further.

Though the actress Lauren Cohen has left the show in Season 9, where Maggie is shown to move to Georgie’s settlement. 

As per the teasers, Maggie seems to return to save her family and friends again in Season 10 upcoming episodes. 

Earlier, Lauren had some disagreement with the creators earlier and she was also working on some other project with ABC while she left. We are already happy to know about her return now.


So fans, get ready with popcorn and some mango juice to see a lot of twits and upgrades in the upcoming season and new series altogether as a spin-off. We are sure you are going to enjoy all of it even if the series runs for more than 11 seasons.

For all the amazing updates like this, stay tuned and stay safe.


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