Legacies Encourage a Salvatore School Student to Series Regular in Season 3


Hey Readers! In search of some ancient magical updates. Well, we know Legacies is on the mind. It has shown Vampires, wolves, and witches till now. 

Recently in the second season, they have shown cupid as well as the special character Landon Kirby who is a phoenix who can fly. 

The season 2 ended on a cliff-hanger which left the fans in a confused state of mind. The audience was hoping to see season 3 as quickly as possible to find out the remaining answers. 

And now we have good news about the same: Recently the Former Alpha of werewolf which was played by the actor Ben Levin was seen promoting for season 3. 

Ben Levin was in the character of Jed who was the Werewolf Alpha in the initials of Season 1. He lost his position to another werewolf Rafael after he was picking up a fight against him. In the later part, Jed helped Rafael to lead the pack. 

From the reports, the production house has started shooting for season 3. If they finished with the post-production editing by December the third season will release in January 2021.

What we already know about Legacies:

Legacies are the after part of The Vampire Diaries and the Originals. The story revolves around a 17 years old girl Hope Mikelson who is a descendant of a very powerful bloodline. She is a combination of a Vampire, witch, and a werewolf which makes her exceptionally special. She attends Salvatore school with other special students to enhance their skills. 

Season 3 would start from the end of season 2, where we saw Hope and Landon both are in an unconscious state. Landon Kirby was hit by a golden arrow and Hope became a stone in Josie’s dream. Now, what will happen next? 

We have seen that Necromancer has taken Josie’s black magic and left. Will he come back to destroy Salvator school? What will happen to Josie and Lizzie’s merger?

Many unanswered questions left the fans more curious about the plot of season 3. But the wait will over as the trailer will be out soon in January 2021.

Till then stay connected for more info and stay safe.


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