Legends of the Blue Sea- Season 2: Latest Updates You Want To Know


Yet another sensational and romantic Korean television series starring the actress who rose to fame by doing a romantic comedy, and still continues to amaze us by the performing arts in various movies such as Windstruck, The Thieves, etc. She became a well-known commercial model and a TV actress. Proving her success, and starring in Legends of the Blue Sea, this drama series tells a love story of a con-artist and a mermaid who travels across the ocean to find him. An award-winning writer Park Ji-eun, has given many award-winning and 5-star rating shows in the industry, and also famous in the romantic genre.


With an exceptional response in season 1 by the viewers and an increasing fan base, the crew is deciding on the launch of season 2, the trailer of which is not yet released. The sensational praises have left the writer overwhelmed, and keeping in mind the demands, the second season is possibly around. However, there is no such official statement.


Legend of the Blue Sea, season 1 was a fantastic drama, a beautiful love story with a twist of fantasy. The romance and drama of a gorgeous couple Jun Ji Hyun (Se Hwa) and Lee Min Ho (Dam Ryung) show a perfect chemistry and how they overcome the obstacles in their journey. The love story between a mermaid and a human brings excitement to see what happens next, and moreover who does not love happy endings. What makes a story an epic if there isn’t any villain? And of course, who else can play a better role as a villain than a stepmother.  

Legends of the Blue Sea- Season 2: Latest Updates You Want To Know


With all these twists and turns, on and off, the viewers’ urge to know what happens next, remains till the end of the season. Although there is not any information regarding new faces in the next season, but hopefully the beloved pair will be seen again, with a lot more adventures and roadblocks. The stepmother who caused many problems, and how the couple overcame each one of those is remarkable and definitely the young viewers would take away lessons from them. 

They say it rains heavily on them who need to burn under the sun more. Similarly, the world around them lovely couple always seemed to be against them, but Dam Ryung would always be there to protect his lover Se Hwa, who wished to harm her. The couple never failed to sway us in their romance. What starts as a more humorous relationship blossoms into a dedicated love. 

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