DC’s sci-fir television series ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ has always brought excitement among the viewers through its characters, and their adventurous, and full of a fun journey. Here the question arises among the audience who is more powerful. So, we have tried to answer this question. 

Characters from ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

The American television series has presented five seasons so far. Each season introduces a new character to the viewers, each character having its variety of power. Here we have listed button to top ten powerful heroes.

  1. Ava

The co-captain of the Waverider Ava is at the 10th position. She is also the girlfriend of Sara Lance, another co-captain of the ship. If we see, she doesn’t possess any futuristic power but yeah, she is a skilled fighter as Sara.

  1. Rory

Heatwave some are familiar with Mick Rory has come to the 9th position. He isn’t a metahuman like other flash villains. He relies on his heat gun and has a special ability that he has an extended life span which he got by serving time masters as Chronos.

  1. Sara Lance

White Canary or Sara Lance occupies our 8th position. She became the captain of Waverider after Rip left. We usually don’t see any superhuman ability in her but she has shown her strength.

  1. Nate

Nate occupies our seventh position. He is the grandson of commander steel and also served as a history professor. He has a weird power to turn his skin into an alloy which makes him invulnerable.

  1. Atom

Dr. Ray Palmer, a scientist, and an engineer have used his skills to develop an ATOM suit which allows him to alter or shrink the other objects and himself too.

  1. Zari

Zari with Behrad has an air totem that gives them the power to harness and control air using wind blasts and shields. 

  1. Nora

A girl with a magical wand she got from former Godmother, Tabitha. The wand allows Nora to Darhk a wide range of powers where she can fulfill any wish, but the wish has to have come from the one she is serving presently usually a child.

  1. Astra

Astra Logue possesses an extraordinary ability to use dark magic. She has vast mystical knowledge. She is also presented initially as Antagonist.

  1. Constantine

One of the powerful members and the master of mystic spells, John Constantine can use spells for telekinesis and can travel in time too.

  1. Charlie

Charlie as a God has a bunch of powers like immortality, multiverse travel and she has the power to kill others as her true form that makes her the strongest of all. 

Hope you like our analysis and let us know your thoughts.

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