‘Let Him Go’ is out, check out the reviews here


Everyone is suffering from this pandemic including industries which also include film industries. We have seen very limited movies this year. Theaters were closed for a long time and now enough theaters are reopened. The Kevin Costner and Diane Lane-led Let Him Go.

The storyline of Let Him Go revolves around a retired sheriff and his wife, after grieving the death of their son and starting their journey of finding their grandson and daughter-in-law. The movie has received their reviews from the critics. The critics have passed mostly positive comments and some high stars.

“An absolutely stunning drama that harkens back to films of a bygone era, Let Him Go delivers a western noir masterpiece that grips the heart every step of the way”.

“what keeps the film on the rails, and pretty engaging, has a lot to do with the comforting presence of its stars”. Associated Press’ Jake Coyle gave 2.5 out of 4 stars, he loved the performances Kevin Costner and Diane Lane did.

“What seems set up for a slow-burn showdown between rival grandmas dissipates in blunt shoot-outs that sidelines Lane’s Margaret at just the wrong time”.

The movie is arriving in theaters this Friday, November 6, do watch it and show your love for the movie.


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