Let us keep dancing till we reach the zenith of success- A Dancing with the stars’ story


How many of us are still crazy about watching dance shows and we love dancing with the beats of the performers. 

I think most of us. Sometimes even I feel, dance shows act as the best mood boosters too.

So, today I thought why not give my fellas, some mood booster tonic.

And thus, today I will be taking you to a world where there will be a step or two.

Yes, talking about the three best dancing pairs in the fifth week of the famous dance show, dancing with the stars.

The first one on the leaderboard is Johnny weir and Britt, their musicality and ability to hit the song’s accent and their coordination along with the element of spontaneity has been conquering the hearts of the judges’ panel. Though initially, it was becoming difficult for Johnny to overcome the challenges, the performance last week helped the duo gain immense consideration, so far as to be on top of the leaderboard.

The Second most liked performance was that of Kaitlyn Bristowe and Artem, when judge Derek Hough requested the duo to give them a different performance, they were ready to do a totally tubular tango. 

As their dance paid tribute to the eighty’s dances, another panelist Carrie Ann exclaimed that Kaitlyn and Artem’s tango was one of the best performances of the night. Their choreography and sharpness of movements were also praiseworthy, remarked Derek.

And the third pair who earned overwhelming love was Monica Aldama and Val. During the fourth week, the duo was thrown out for a loop, they were almost being eliminated after finding themselves in jeopardy when they were in safe hands because of host Tyra Banks. 

Week five turned out to be the best solution to this prior mishap. The pair as they put up tainted love tango, Monica was praised for her dynamism putting in every extra effort that was required. The duo was also praised for the laser-focused choreography.

Thus, it seems, somebody has rightly said, to achieve something good in life, experiencing a fall once or twice is a necessity. It adds up to one’s determination and diligence.

Do you all agree with me on this?

Keep sharing with us your thoughts.



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