Let’s find out if Silver Skates based on a real-life story.

Source: Russia Beyond

“Silver Skates” is one of Netflix’s latest films launched this year with the ever-growing slate. In a spectacular St. Petersburg rendition of 1899, the film is continually frozen over its many rivers and canals. Its people on the ice can therefore cross the city.

The protagonist of the film is Matvey (Fedor Fedotov). He worked as a courier for a sweetshop when it opened. Matvey is quicker than the average delivery guy on the waterways of St. Petersburg, thanks to a pair of silver skates his father purchased for him on a visit to Amsterdam.

That being the case, Matvey lives in poverty, with nothing other than the revenue from his work and his silver set of skates in his name. Soon after aristocratic Vyazemsky family members hampered his way during a delivery, he loses his job, which makes him unusually late.

Source: Russia Beyond

He met Alisa, the daughter of the Viazemsky family, after Matvey was discharged from his employment (Sofya Priss). While she lives an aristocrat’s life, her passion for science finds her family uncomfortable with a woman. So, Matvey and Alisa’s upcoming romance is both because of their business experience and ambitions, an improbable fit.

Given its setting in St. Petersburg and class tale, “Silver Skates” are components that seem to be inspired by Russian society, in reality, leading some spectators to wonder if a real story at least partly inspires the movie.

The film, which was published for the first time in 1865, is not based on a true storey according to the official Netflix description of “Silver Skates,” it is inspired both by “Romeo & Juliet” and by the novel “Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates: A Story of Life in Holland.”

The impact of the former work is evident: Matvey and Alisa are also lovers, even though they have a lot going on in their lives, crossing the stars. Juliet’s relationship was growing despite their family hostility against each other.

The impact of the last piece is evident: Matvey and Alisa, too, are star-ridden enthusiasts who are pulled to one another despite their family hatred, as Romeo and Juliet’s affection blossomed toward one another.

“Hans Brinker, The Silver Skates” is a novel by the US author Mary Mapes Dodge, about the Dutch ice-skater Hanks Brinker who competes in Amsterdam for a speed skateboard with the silver skate pair his award. The tale is based on the Netherlands’ title rather than Russia.

“Silver Skates,” thus, is not so much a literal adaptation of Dodge’s work but a romantic narrative that includes plot aspects from the materials from her literary source. The book was also adapted many times, including a live 1962 Disney film with the same name. “Silver Skates” is an essentially original novel that draws storyline components from two previous literary works to create new things.

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