Life is Strange is coming with its installment very soon!!

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Square Enix’s famous series that is about kids’ power and how they go through difficult emotional choices is coming back. Yes, we are talking about Life is Strange as it is coming back with its third part. The name for the third installment is Life is Strange: True Colors. The creator of this part is not Dontnod, the creator of the first part, but it is Deck Nine who has also created the second installment of the series. 

The release date for the game!!

The release date for Life is Strange: True Colors is set to be 10th September 2021 and it will be available for Playstation 4 and 5, PC and Stadia, Xbox One, and Series X/S. 

What will we experience in the new game!!

The story of the game will be around protagonist Alex Chen who is an Asian American lead. She has the power of feeling other’s emotions and also she can see their auras. She is a person who has both psychic powers and empathy which overwhelms her. 

The story moves forward and Alex is seen to be reuniting with her brother who tragically dies. She shifts to fictional Colorado town where her brother died and it was claimed as an accident. 

But as we know that Alex has superpowers due to which she smells the gamble and suspects the things after which seeks out the truth. 

Different or same to the previous games!!

This time, we will not have to wait for each episode as all of it will be released in one go and it will also have an extra episode that will be Deluxe Edition. We will also see Steph, who is seen in Before the Storm, as the focus for the deluxe episode. The common thing that will be witnessed is the romance that you will be able to do.

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Trailer out!!!

Makers have already released the trailer of the game through which you can get ready for the upcoming challenges. Click on the link and have a look at the official trailer- 

We know that the game will be much more exciting and you all are waiting for it eagerly. We have to wait for a few months to play the game and experience the new adventure. We will keep you updated with further information. Just stay tuned with us and enjoy reading about your favorite upcoming.


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