Lili Reinhart doesn’t like lingerie scenes: “I don’t have the perfect body.”


The “Riverdale” actress Lili Reinhart didn’t have as much fun filming a scene for the series in her underwear as she now reveals in an interview.

Lili didn’t feel pressured.

Apparently, Lili even felt uncomfortable in her body – nevertheless, she stepped half-naked in front of the camera to show her fans that it is okay not to be perfect.

She says that while she wasn’t comfortable shooting this scene, she also didn’t feel pressured to do it. 

“I don’t have the perfect body.”

In an interview with the “Los Angeles Times,” she explained: “I don’t have the perfect ‘CW’ body – small waist, beautiful legs, thin, small, mini.” She also added that she felt insecure while shooting in her lingerie and never wanted to do it. Though she further accepted that there was no pressure on her. She did it out of her free will just for her job.

Lili Reinhart doesn’t like lingerie scenes: “I don’t have the perfect body.”

Good role model

But the TV actress knew that she had to be a good role model for her fans. She further reveals: “This is where it all got complicated for me. I can’t talk about body positivity and then live it. So even if I don’t feel super comfortable in my body, it was important for me to still do the scene in my bra and panties so that people can see my body for what it is. I did it for people who think they have to look somehow. ”

Separation from Cole Sprouse

A few days ago, she and her ex-boyfriend Cole Sprouse announced their separation in an Instagram post. The “Riverdale” star only has loving words for his ex-girlfriend. He also published an atmospheric picture in which his ex-girlfriend looks up to the sky in a forest.

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