Lindsay Lohan is not heard recently!! Scroll down to know about it!!

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Lohan is an American actress and model, but she is also a fabulous singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. She started her career as a model at the age of three. 

Sometimes artists become popular at a young age on television and then they completely disappear. There can be a lot of different reasons behind this, as some reasons may even sound very unreasonable to you. But in the entertainment industry, it works like this only, one minute the audience loves you, and the next they don’t.

What is the reason behind Lindsay Lohan not being there?

She was loved back then, and she enjoyed the days of fame and celebrated them. She is best known for her work in Disney films like The Parent Trap (1998) and Freaky Friday (2003). After these movies, she worked in a razor-sharp teen-comedy Mean Girls in 2004. 

But Lohan is different, and her reason for not being present anymore is not related to lack of talent, rather it is very personal. While she was walking on the track of success and stardom, some personal traumas turned into a toxic commodity. This is what everyone perceived about her considering everything that happened. 

She faced a downfall in the 00s, the media back then was different, and they were focused on everything about a celebrity even if they were being reluctant and not good at offending themselves. Lohan particularly suffered from this harshness from media which made the public believe that it was unfair. 

Let us find out why we don’t hear much about her anymore.

Drug and Alcohol Issues

She was barely surviving her drug and alcohol problems. She had major difficulties with it over the years. But it will be quite unpleasant to judge her as we all have a friend or a family member who is going through the same. According to CNN, in 2013 court-ordered Lohan to go to rehab.

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For a long time, she was out of trouble and just used to enjoy her high, but soon this became a problem. On the multi-million movie sets her addictions overshadowed her career and the fame she has achieved. 

She has been a part of self-awareness shows like Glee and Anger Management; therefore, her self-deprivation might seem funny, but it is depressing. 

She was involved in some legal issues related to drugs and substance abuse. Moreover, she has shifted to Dubai to be less approachable by the media.

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