Line of Duty star Anna Maxwell clears a few fan theories regarding her character

Source: The Sun

During the crime of the popular drama Line of Duty’s most recent episode on Sunday (April 25), we witnessed Detective Chief Superintendent Patricia Carmichael making a comeback to AC-12. Later, poor superintendent Ted Hastings (played by Adrian Dunbar) was informed that he would need to take early retirement while Patricia has been caught up in heading up a scaled-back anti-corruption unit.

Now, we all know that Patricia’s character has been rightly placed in a shady background and thus we do not know what she is really up to. However, this gave a brilliant chance to fans to quickly speculate about the show and come up with interesting theories that may follow in the following episodes or seasons of the show with her rightful comeback.

Source: Yahoo News India

Most fan theories suggested that the mysterious ‘H’ is none other than Patricia herself. On the other hand, another fascinating theory recently gained a lot of traction that said that Patricia would be involved in sending a secret message during Sunday’s episode during an interview with DCI Joanne Davidson (played by Kelly Macdonald).

This was considered to be the fate as she had been spotted tapping her pen on the table nearly four times. A majority of the viewers claim that this had been the major clues given away by the writers as by tapping her head four times, she has given away the ‘H’ in Morse code. This is not a new technique that the show had implemented. Even in the past, this technique had been put to use when Dot Cottan was seen spelling out the letter in Morse code.

However, this theory was denied by the actress Anna Maxwell Martin who plays the character of Patricia in the show during her interview on This Morning.


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