Line of Duty star to make it to Steven Spielberg series

Source: Digital Spy

A new TV miniseries executive produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks would be soon up for you and guess what is more in store for you? Line of Duty’s star Tommy Jessop would be a part of this magnificent project. The project has been titled Masters of the Air as of now and is scheduled to be shot in the English village of Bledlow, Buckinghamshire. In fact, the shooting seems to have already commenced due to which we got a few pictures showcasing Jessop in a period costume on set, pictures by The Mirror.

This show would be premiered on the Apple TV+ and was previously known to have been a follow-up to Band of Brothers and The Pacific. The show would be showcasing the true story of US bomber crews during the period of World War II who took the fight to Adolf Hitler and his horde of Nazis. Jessop is quite popular among the TV audiences for his portrayal of Terry Boyle in the aforementioned BBC crime drama.

Source: Digital Spy

In addition to that, he has also been diagnosed with Down Syndrome but said in a recent interview that he finds himself really lucky to be given such opportunities wherein he can act and showcase his excellent talent. Moreover, he wishes that his outstanding journey can be an inspiration to others who are also suffering from this syndrome.

He says that everyday life is not serious to him. He enjoys every moment that he has and especially with a camera stuck in his face. This is always what he wished to do and he really finds himself lucky that he managed to achieve this fate.


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