Line of Duty’s Adrian Dunbar addresses H mystery ahead of Series 6

Courtesy: Digital Spy

One question that every Line of Duty fan has is when the next sequel of Line of Duty going to returns. And this because it will reveal the most confusing suspense of H mystery.

Good News for all those having this question because it’s been officially confirmed that the show is all set to return for its sixth sequel next weekend.

After the official confirmation viewers are now suspecting that they might see one or two secrets in the upcoming Superintendent Ted Hastings. Apart from this, there is another big mystery named the theory of H that will be out in the upcoming sequel. 

 As confirmed by Adrian Dunbar the Hastings actor who recently on a mic admitted that the big mystery of H is what writer Jed Mercurio having in his mind with many “twists and turns.” He added H could be anyone in AC-12 that means the upcoming sequel might uncover this mystery. 

Line Of Duty: Sequel 6

Dunbar said to Sun that Jed does not let us know about this. Does he? Does nobody know?

Jed mind with a number of twists and turns is that nobody could figure out what’s next. He further added that the latest trailer is something par from fans imagination with finger pointing in almost all directions. However, many things including this mystery will be revealed in this series as per his expectation. 

Dunbar also revealed that all cast members in the series are really nice to Mercurio, which make things to be in his hands only. Moreover, after series two he then realised that the writer has almost full control over their lives in the series.

Courtesy: Digital Spy

This proves that if Jed wants something he will add to the storyline. So consequently this makes everyone in the cast stay nice with Jed, as a best mate. 

Dunbar added, the first episode will not only link with the previously ended sequel but will also give a shock to the viewers. This because the initial start of the series will be with some shocking twists for the audience. 

When it’s going to be live? As confirmed by the production team that Line of Duty returns to BBC One on Sunday, March 21 at 9 pm. Apart from this its previously released Sequels 1-5 are already available on the boxset. 

Eager to watch it? Let us know what twist you expect from this sequel.


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