Lisa Rinna parodies appearances for Edie Parker


Eddie Parker is a famous brand for Italians handmade collection of brand new acrylic clutches and bags of stunning shades.A few weeks ago, they launched their 2021 Spring Collection. And guess who presented their infomercial? 

The one and only… drum roll please… Lisa Rinna!

The whole video was quite a parody. We can see Lisa satirizing the whole world of infomercials, where the presenters exaggerate the quality of the product they are selling. 

With Lisa’s well-known sense of humor, the video would have become something else!

 You can watch the hilarious video here- 

Lisa also made references to Bravo’s hit TV series Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, of which she was a part. She was also known for her role as Billie Reed, in NBC’s Days of our Lives.

Sources note that the production crew gave her only a loose script and the rest of the spice added to the video was purely by Lisa Rinna!

We’re pretty sure, with the courtesy of the loose script, Lisa Rinna got carried away a bit while promoting a cute ashtray and babbled “Sometimes you may have people over that do illicit things. I don’t judge. I mean I do, but I try not to . . . If you’re going to do cocaine in your bathroom, go do coke in your bathroom, right? I’ll probably call you out, but just be ready for it.”

Well, what else do you expect from Lisa?

Are you planning on getting the new spring collection from Eddie Parker? 

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