List Of A Lifetime’ Release date, spoilers, storyline and all about Lifetime drama


Lifetime is releasing a cheery new drama, and our hearts are overjoyed. The most recent edition to Lifetime’s film series, ‘List of a Lifetime,’ deals with a serious subject: the ‘Big C,’ or cancer. That is a tough letter.

The Lifetime Network’s devotion to the cause of women will be reflected in List of a Lifetime. This moving feature film was purchased by Lifetime as part of the station’s yearly public relations program “Stop Breast Cancer for Life.”

The narrative is supposed to be emotional and inspiring as it covers the unexpected life of an unknowing lady diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer. As her condition looks to be terrible, she must make the tough option of how to go with the remainder of her life. This is a narrative about living your life as though you’re about to die. Everything you need to know about the film is available right here.


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Updates on release date, cast and plotline

The first episode of ‘List of a Lifetime’ will air on Sunday, October 10 at 8/7c. Kelly Hu, Sylviа Kwаn, Jane Moore Sibbett, Shаnnen Mаriа Doherty, Patricia Velasquez, are the expected casting members for the movie.

‘List of a Lifetime’ tells the tale of Brenda Lee (Kelly Hu), a lady who is diagnosed with breast cancer. She decides to seek for the daughter she put up for adoption decades ago after getting diagnosed. Talia (Sylvia Kwan), Brenda’s daughter, urges her to write a bucket list of everything she wants to achieve in life and pledges to assist her complete everything on the list after locating her and informing her about her sickness.

The plot follows the touching journey of a mother and daughter as they bond. In a narrative of self-discovery and bonding, a terminally sick mother chooses to reconcile with the daughter she put up for adoption as a newborn, despite her own impending death. You can also have a look at the trailer down below:



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