Little America Season 2 Is On The Road To Excellence, Yet Again!

Little America Season 2 Is On The Road To Excellence, Yet Again!
Little America Season 2 Is On The Road To Excellence, Yet Again!

Voicing the unheard for a second time

The call for immigrant voice is now more than ever! Living at a time and place where the narrative at the epicenter is that of someone from the First World, predominantly, the white gaze, the lived reality becomes skewed. Especially in America, where dreamers all around the world go to live the “American Dream” and feel belonged, the actual reality is far different from the whitewashed version. 

In this constant struggle to break stereotypes and show America as the amalgamation of multiple cultures, diversities, ethnicities, race, nationality, and gender, NBCUniversal attempts to do just that in Little America. 

This American anthology web series explores the lives of immigrants living in America and the warm, inspiring, and heartfelt stories that represent the lives of immigrants in the country.  


As the title suggests, the web anthology represents a “little” nation for the immigrants so that immigrant viewers can relate and the native viewers can reflect. January 2020 saw the premiere of the first season, however, even before that, Apple TV+ gave the creators a green light for the second season in 2019. 

Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon, who co-executive produce the show along with Alan Yang, Joshuah Bearman, and Joshua Davis, in an interview, shared their excitement stating that they’re happy to get a chance to bring these unique stories to the forefront as each episode evoke emotions that the immigrants experience in the country. 

Founder of Epic Magazine, Bearman also shared that since immigration is a political issue, instead they wanted to tell a story that shows that as people so that viewers would get to know that as humans and experience their struggles, hardship, courage, happiness and emotions. 

While there is no official date when the second season of the show premieres, it is most likely to hit streaming websites by late 2021 or early 2022.

Cast and Plot:

Since the show is a web anthology series, there is no regular cast member or a fixed storyline. Instead, the show solely focuses on the experience and hardship of the immigrants and shows the disparity an immigrant faces as opposed to a native American. The show is episodic, i.e., they are different from one another and serve as a stand-alone story. 

Some notable actors and actresses who have worked in the show before are John Ortiz, Tom McCarthy, Ebbe Bassey, Mélanie Laurent, Zachary Quinto, Bill Heck and Gavin Lee.

Right around the time when elections are the corner, Season 2 is bound to touch upon such issues and further prove why it is important for their voice to be heard, more relevant now than ever.



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