Little America Season 2 – Small Packet Big Bang!


Hello Everybody! Mostly everyone dreams to go and settle themselves in any highly developed country. But everything that shines is not gold. And every country has two different sides.

Today, we are here, with some sensational and amazing news of the popular show Little America. It is an American anthology series that highlights the life of immigrants in America.

This series is produced for Apple TV+ and the first season was premiered on 17 January 2020. As you know that an anthology series, each episode is directed by different directors. Hence, season 1, of this show consists of eight different directors.

What about the Storyline!

This show is based on the real-life stories of the immigrants and inspired by the marvelous stories of Epic Magazine. In the first season, we saw 8 different stories of immigrants in America which were very funny, romantic, heartfelt, and inspiring.

This whole show deals with the problems, unexpected lifestyle, internal feelings, and emotions of the immigrants who sometimes treated as an outsider. It is a very heartwarming and emotional show which shares the incredible and unique experience of each immigrant.

As the magazine hasn’t completed yet, so we are left with too many new stories which will be seen in season 2. Till then if you haven’t watched its first season, we can  suggest you to add it in your watchlist

When Could we Expect its arrival!

In 2018, Apple announced that a show based on true stories is going to launch in 2020, and in the beginning of 2019, filming began in New Jersey. Season 1, of this show was premiered on 17 January 2020, with 8 episodes each of half an hour.

Before the release of season 1, Apple renewed the series for a second season and it is very obvious to watch its second installment next year only. But, due to the ongoing scenario, filming of season 2 is not started yet. So, we assume the release of season 2, in the beginning of 2022.

Hence, whenever the fixed official release date will be revealed, we will tell you first!


According to Rotten Tomatoes, the show is currently floating at a 100% audience score and also got amazing and stunning reviews from the critics. The inspirational and heart-warming series hit the ground and win everyone’s heart. Even on Metacritic also it got 85 out of 100.

What about Casting!

Each episode of this show contains different faces with their incredible acting. Some main characters of the show were Kabir whose role was performed by Suraj Sharma, Marisol a young teenager which was played by Jearnest Corchado, Conphidance as Iwegbuna who was a Nigerian grad student.

Haaz Sleiman as Rafiq who was gay, Shaun Toub Faraz who wants to build a house for his Iranian family, and many more.

On that note, we are certain that you are curious to watch the fresh, amazing unique stories of the immigrants.

So, don’t go anywhere and stay connected with us, we will update you with the release date soon! stay tuned for further updates!


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