Loki boss talks about the decision on the screen to confirm the sexuality of the character.

Source: The Wrap

The TV series has finally verified publicly on-screen what the comics have informed us: Loki is a queer person.

After Loki’s recent episode has confirmed that the god of mischief is gender fluid in the MCU, Loki explicitly referred to the sexuality of the character and told Sylvie that he had been with both supposed princesses and princes in the past.

Loki’s executive director Kate Herron, opening the show’s decision to refer to bisexuality, informed Twitter fans that the Disney+ series depicted Loki as being openly LGBT “extremely significant.”

Source: BAE Magazine

After episode three, ‘Lamentis’, was released, Kate wrote: “I needed to recognize that Loki was bisexual from the time I entered [Loki]. He and I are part of him. It’s part of him.”

She added: “I know this is a little step, yet I am pleased, and the heart is so full that this is in [the MCU] now, canon.” Recognizing that more representation within the MCU has yet to be done, she added:

And we picture Tom Hiddleston also to be glad about the actor who recently said he was “really thrilled” because this series referred to the fluidity of his character.

“Loki has such a large-scale identification as a character. He was always a character that you can never put into a box, never pin down, “Tom added. “There was always mythology, and there were comics. So it was always there.”

Every Wednesday, the new episodes of Loki are exclusively broadcast on Disney+. Loki has already received great appreciation for its show and we think their decisions are going to be great for the story.

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