Loki’s Episode 2 Twist Shows A Missed Opportunity For Marvel

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Loki’s first episode ended with an unusual “reveal.” The premiere ended with this “Loki” slaughtering TVA agents after Agent Mobius says that the main evil they’re hunting is a version of Loki. Despite this, the variation in question covered his face under a cloak.

Is this to imply that the new Loki isn’t an exact clone of Tom Hiddleston’s character? Or was it simply a case of Marvel wanting to give Tom a rest so he wouldn’t be as captivating onscreen?

Then all, we believe that the original Loki is the Trickster God’s female counterpart, Lady Loki. “Wait a minute,” she said. “It has nothing to do with you,” says the narrator. As a consequence, a growing multiverse throws the timeline into chaos, which even VAT can’t stop.

Lady Loki’s appearance might be the MCU’s worst-kept secret since, well, Tom Holland last leaked a key plot element. Leaked set images from over a year ago suggested that Sophia Di Martino will most likely portray Lady Loki because she was dressed similarly to Hiddleston’s Loki. We didn’t know if this version of Lady Loki would be our changed Loki or an entirely other figure until today.

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The disclosure of episode two is a significant departure from the comics, as well as a wasted opportunity for Marvel, who might have utilised that surprise to address one of their most serious problems.

Lady Loki is just our Loki in feminine form in the original material. The Loki comic has frequently changed shape to become a woman throughout the past six decades, and at one time even remained that way for several years. This led to Marvel confirming Loki as a flexible genre, and fans have been pleased to see that this Disney + program has now followed suit seven years later.

But, more significantly, Marvel has a history of misrepresenting LGBTQ+ characters on film. Remember how Valkyrie’s bisexual moment in Thor: Ragnarok was cut? Or the heinous symbolism of Avengers: Endgame’s scene?

And now, with all of the queer-baiting in it, Marvel’s humiliating toll has continued to play out on the small screen as well. Falcon and the Winter Soldier are two of Marvel’s most well-known characters.

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Loki’s Episode 2 Twist

Things should improve with the release of Eternal, which will feature the MCU’s first gay superhero, and Billy Maximoff’s transformation into a homosexual hero by WandaVision. But, before all of that, Marvel could go a lot more to explore Loki’s sex than a little allusion that casual viewers would almost definitely overlook.

Of course, we’re just two episodes in, and it’s quite conceivable that the authors may focus the plot on that fluidity. However, Tom Hiddleston recently told Reuters that he is “very delighted” that Loki was able to “address this on the show,” implying that her gender identification would not be addressed further.

We sincerely hope we’re wrong, but based on this quote and what we’ve seen thus far, it doesn’t seems so. In fact, Loki appears to have gone out of his way to avoid showing this by presenting Lady Loki as a separate character rather than an extension of Loki.

It’s not enough to give him a female equivalent, such as a She-Hulk to his Hulk.

While we’re at it, a cursory examination of the word “fluid” isn’t quite the giant leap forward that Marvel claims. Loki may be a trickster deity, but don’t be fooled by Disney into believing he’s anything more than that. Let’s hold off on congratulating one other until the program offers something more than lip service with this surprise.

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