A new name is added to the cast of ‘Lost In Space’ presented by Netflix, and the name is Russell Hornsby. He will join the futuristic world of space travel for its third and final season. However, it is still a secret from Netflix about the role of Hornsby. ‘Lost In Space’ is based on a series of the same name.

But the new one is a sci-fie which crops up in the futuristic world of space full of adventures. The show first arrived in 2018 with its season one after a satisfactory success, the second season of the show premiered in December 2019.

The cast for Third Season

It seems that Hornsby is getting fruit for his previous performances. His credits include the lead role he played in Lincoln Rhyme and also in the six seasons of the Grimm. He has shown his appearance in several movies such as Netflix’s Seven Seconds, The Hate U give and Creed II.

We will also see Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, Taylor Russell, Maxwell Jenkins, and many more reprising their roles. Zack Estrin, Jon Jashni, Matt Sazama, and Burk Sharpless are the executive producer of the show. 

The series has officially announced the joining of Hornsby to ‘Lost In Space’ family on Twitter. Here’s the link where you can see the announcement done-

Earlier this year, Netflix had announced the cancellation of the show but the producers said they always planned the show as a three-season series. Producers confirmed that they have viewed it as a trilogy of the story of The Robinsons.

According to them, the show is a three-part story having its start, then the middle, and in the last end. All the three parts are full of an epic family adventure, where each part has its importance.

Thus, the show needs season three so that the audience finds an ultimate conclusion. Like the previous seasons, the characters can be seen trying to survive each episode in this season as well.

So the deserved characters to move into the next chapter must come from Will, Penny, Judy, Maureen, Jon, Don West, Dr. Smith, and the robot. Oh, how we can forget Debbie the chicken.


So, there will be more adventures in the sequel of the show. It is also interesting to see what role does Hornsby play? Assumptions are for the father of Judy.

Stay safe and stunned with us more details.


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