Lots of marvel movies will be released following Black widow


With Black Widow now launching the MCU’s Phase 4 cinematic arm, fans can anticipate around 13 films. All of the information is available here. Following a pandemic outbreak, the MCU’s Phase 4 film branch has begun, followed by the black widow of 13 upcoming Marvel films. Aside from the Disney+ Marvel TV shows, which include the debuts of She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel, who represent the MCU’s future, On the other hand, Black Widow is all about correcting a mistake from the franchise’s past.

Scarlett Johansson’s MCU story is now complete, with the possibility of a sequel by the Black Widow based on a legacy character.

 Natasha Romanoff’s painting left a trail of mystery, from hints of her past in The Avengers to the more explicitly revealed Age of Ultron. 

Despite the fact that everything ended with her death in Endgame, Black Widow remains optimistic about the MCU’s future.

Arrival of Black Widow in July, three more MCU films will be released in 2021, followed by five more films, which will be followed by new characters making their franchise debut. We are very excited and terrified, because Marvel’s ghostly series looks both past and future, and the winners will be those with multiple films, including the new X-Men property.

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Eternals on November 5 2021

Despite the release of the trailer, Eternals is the least known of the upcoming Marvel films. As a result, this is both the greatest risk and one of the most important differentiation opportunities. 

Chloe Zhao’s film follows the adventures of the latest MCU super-team dispatched to Earth with orders to observe rather than interfere.

 The film takes place throughout human history. These immortal heroes have abilities that would embarrass the Avengers – and even Thanos – and make their unexpected involvement with humanity all the more intriguing.

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The Spider-Men: No Way Home, Tom Holland’s third solo film, promises to be the next bending step in the MCU’s multiverse foray. 

When Holland’s Spider-Man meets the new figures of Dr. Alfred Molina’s Dr. Octopus and Jamie Foxx’s Electro, as well as the distinct possibility of the old universe’s Spider-Men – Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield – it appears that the multiverse, which has been tried in Wanda Vision and scientifically proven in Loki, has arrived.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness-March 22,2022

In Sam Raimi’s Doktor Strange at the Multivers of Madness, Benedikt Cumbertatch and Stephen Strange meet again after his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home, with another Spider-Man alumnus. 

Although Scott Derrickson has reported his departure from this project due to creative differences following the announcement of the MCU’s first horror film, Raimi can still flex his own genre muscles. And the veteran superhero knows a thing or two about big sequences and expectations.


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