Louis Theroux claims MJ was a pedophile who ‘loved kids he abused’ and tried normalizing it in his interviews



  • Louis Theroux claims that Michael Jackson was a pedophile and sexually abused kids.
  • Recently, British filmmaker Dan Reed received the award for Factual Series on the Virgin BAFTA TV Awards for his documentary, which targetted James Safechuck as well as Wade Robson.
  • He also added that MJ tried to normalize his behavior in several interviews with popular hosts.

Inside Story

Recently, a British documentary filmmaker and BAFTA and a Royal Television Society Television Award, Louis Theroux claimed that Michael Jackson abused the kids he loved, and he tried to normalize it in his interviews. 

Theroux has created a documentary titled ‘Louis, Martin, & Michael.’ In the documentary, he talked about his failed attempts to take an interview with Michael Jackson in the early 2000s when the singer rose to fame worldwide. Furthermore, he added that he knew the world-known singer was a pedophile.

Moreover, he knew that the King of Pop was a pedophile for a while, and he found out through various evidence. He also tweeted a post about MJ that said that if people do not believe that Michael Jackson is a Pedophile, then they don’t know the reality. 

He referred to British filmmaker Dan Reed’s Leaving Neverland that was targetted to two people James Safechuck as well as Wade Robson. Both males said that they were sexually abused by Jackson when they were young.

 Later on, the document received the award for Factual Series on the Virgin BAFTA TV Awards. Theroux congratulated Dan Reed and stated that he had masses respect for him for revealing the truth about the King of Pop.

One of the news sources asked what question he would ask Michael Jackson if he would have gotten an opportunity to interview him. Theroux replied that he would ask the King of Pop a question related to the kids he abused ‘what did he consider the true definition of love?’

He also added that why did he groom his victims, and why the victims did not think of it as abuse. Furthermore, he added that the victims imagined themselves to be in a consenting relationship.

Theroux continued that the King of Pop was letting the world know that what was his tastes. Therox also referred in a few interviews with Oprah Winfrey, Martin Bashir, as well as Diane Sawyer, MJ attempted to normalize his inappropriate relationship with kids.

He would casually say that it was about sharing the bed with kids. Theroux believed that in his mind, MJ would think it was romantic.


It is inappropriate to have any kind of sexual relationship with kids, and looking at MJ’s actions makes us feel disgusted. It is not okay to be in a sexual relationship with a kid. We feel sad for those kids who had to go through this without knowing what MJ was doing with them. He was a pedophile but never found guilty in the court. 

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