Louise Minchin, a BBC Breakfast presenter for 20 years, has announced her exit.


Louise Minchin, the BBC Breakfast host who announced her resignation in June, has revealed the date of her last day.

To mark her departure from the morning news show on September 15, the television personality disclosed that one half of her red sofa would be empty (Wednesday, September 1).

“Have I not mentioned that I would depart after the summer? Not today, but I’ll be leaving on September 15, so it should be about two weeks,” she told her co-worker Dan Walker as well as the viewers watching on TV.

‘So, there are only six more programmes left?’ Walter said in a response as a joke: “Yeah, really solid math. It’s not like you and I have been keeping score or anything.  Louise, how long have you been doing breakfast again?” Walker made a notation.

After 20 years, “it’s a significant adjustment,” Minchin said. “But the thing I’m most looking forward to is waking up every morning and hearing that alarm go off,” Minchin said.

“During your time away, have you ever had the thought, “Wait, did I make the wrong choice?” Perhaps I’ll stick around for a little longer,” Walker inquired.


“‘What?!’ would be the reaction of our boss if I told him that. But, no, I’m not kidding. I’m quite certain that it’s the proper decision”, she explains, adding that ” This is a big deal for me. I’ve got anxiety nightmares that are keeping me awake. But there’s a lot to look forward to.”

Finally, Walker asked Minchin what she plans to do next, to which she said that she’s looking forward to taking some time off to recuperate and do lots of other things she enjoys. As she finished, “I’m planning on doing some long swims, as well as getting back into running.”

Louise’s major announcement three months ago left viewers devastated. On Wednesday, she announced to them and her long-time co-host Dan Walker that she won’t be on television for much longer, stating that her specific departure date is Wednesday, September 15.

BBC Breakfast is shown on BBC One weekday mornings.



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