Love Alarm: Season 2 Recent updates With Storyline


“Love Alarm” has made a classic entry in the Korean Entertainment world with its season 1. Now the Korean youth (and other Korean movie lovers across the globe) have henceforth been waiting for the announcement for its next sequel. The romantic drama has since then become the heartthrob of all young people who are about to fall in love or had already found their mate in life. 

The collections shot up within no time, and the telefilm went all its way to make huge profits for the production house. Thus, deciding not to disappoint its huge follower base, the producers are coming up with the next amazing season Love Alarm: Season 2.

The big question is when are we going to witness this intriguing LOVE TRIANGLE – Part 2?

The first season was released in Aug 2019. After its successful advent, the next sequel was announced for release in Aug 2020, exactly on the anniversary month of the first season. But due to continuous global lockdowns because of pandemic we all are currently into, there has been no further news of any development in the matter for now. However, all wide-open eyes for large viewership fan base are on the final release date of the sequel. It might be screened in early 2021.

“Love Alarm” is a Korean Romantic drama that revolves around a teenage girl Kim Jo-Jo, and her two male acquaintances, Hwang Sun-Oh, a wealthy and handsome man, and Lee Hye-Young, the closest buddy of Hwang Sun-Oh, thus creating an ever-amusing love triangle. These two young guys fall for the same gorgeous girl and try to impress the girl with what so ever means they can, making it a LOVE-WAR kind of a situation.

Love Alarm: Season 2 Recent updates With Storyline

The plot also focusses briefly on how modern technology has been helping the new bees in finding the girl or boy of their dreams’. Love alarm is an advanced mobile application having an amazing algorithm to find out if someone in your proximity of ten meters, is having feelings for you or not. Young girl Kim Jo-Jo uses this application often and finds out that it matches with two boys around her, yes you understood it right they are the same boys Hwang Sun-Oh & Lee Hye-Young.And to make the story spicier & more twisty, Kim Jo-Jo’s dreadful history also plays a great role in the upcoming storyline.

Stay tuned for any further news and to know with whom Kim Jo-Jo ends up matching her fate which is as mysterious as it can be. Whether one has to give up the love of his or her life for the sake of the other or not, is the twist we would love to witness.Or maybe the plot will expose another twist, making the storyline more exciting and adorable. 

Just wait and watch and be with us on the ever adventures journey of LOVE ALARM Season 2: BEEP-BEEP!!!


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