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Since we have already met the Islanders at Love Island, it’s now time to have a good look at the very beautiful villa where these love-stricken people will be residing. Love Island will be on your screens very soon. As we all know, due to this coronavirus pandemic everything was at a haul but thankfully, the travel restrictions have been eased now and TV shows are back in full force with their shoots. For this series of Love Island, everyone is in sunny and gorgeous Majorca, it really wouldn’t be the same if the shoot was to be done in the UK.

With its recently released teaser trailer the beautiful and confident host of Love Island, Laura Whitman is giving the viewers a good look around the spectacular creation of the Villa. The host is walking around in the villa showing the dressing room which was extremely tidy but we all know it is not going to be that way once the Islanders move in. The brutal doghouse is back to the villa for the lover’s inevitable quarrel and this time it is set in the lounge area. Speaking of the new additions to the villa, an outdoor selfie mirror and some cheeky headboards in the bedroom are to be seen, an artwork as well as a new entrance hallway are elegantly created.

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The kitchen is fully stocked and the comfy day out beds are set in the garden for those heartly conversations between the lovers. The swing chair is up and ready to welcome the heart-to-heart chats between our contestants. Each and every corner of the villa is just waiting patiently for the 11 singletons who may or may not find the love they are looking for. These 11 singletons are drop dead gorgeous but if you still want to know and have a sneak peek to their life then you can find them on Instagram. Here are the names of all the contestants:

  • Sharon Gaffka
  • Aaron Francis
  • Liberty Poole
  • Hugo Hammond
  • Kaz Kamwi
  • Shannon Singh
  • Jake Cornish
  • Chloe Burrows
  • Brad McClelland
  • Faye Winters
  • Toby Aromolaran

The show has already made its return on June 28th on ITV2. Watch the first episode and get ready for the further roller coaster ride with these hot and sizzling singletons. This dating show has made a spectacular comeback given that last year it was cancelled. Stay tuned to see some drama and a lot of summer romance!

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