Love Island star discloses secrets of villa life behind the scenes.


In an exclusive interview with ITV, Love Island’s Amy Day, paired with Hugo Hammond after meeting him in Casa Amor, revealed some facts about what goes on behind closed doors.

Day replied in an Instagram Q&A to a fan’s question: “Nope!”

It was reported that this year’s show was different from past editions due to tight COVID-19 requirements, meaning all the girls had to do their hair, nails, and makeup, Day disclosed to another admirer.

“However, due to COVID, we were unable to do so. I had to use dark brown eyeshadow to cover my roots because we wore stick-on nails, “Day clarified.

If the producers provided hair, nail, and makeup items, or if the females had to bring their own, the former islander didn’t elaborate on the matter.

Fashion merchants such as I Saw It First, JD Sport, and Pretty Little Thing provide the islanders with free clothing they wear on the show and are permitted to take it home with them.

According to Kady McDermott, there was no ‘glam squad’ in season two, which said: “We had our nails done once the whole time.” Then, for six weeks, I stayed in the area!”

Season three’s Olivia Attwood told the OK! magazine that she did her hair and cosmetics until the final: Apparently, individuals have been coming to the salon to take care of their hair extensions and nails in the recent episodes.

“Apart from the last week, there was nothing on my series. Someone came in to do our hair and nails for those of us who made it to the final.”

Despite Day’s speculation that the “glam squad” wasn’t available because of COVID-19 constraints, it’s unknown whether producers will bring them back in future seasons or if the ladies would continue to do their hair, makeup, and nail care on their own.

Love Island is definitely an interesting show, and it airs on ITV2 and can be watched on ITV Hub. BritBox customers can watch episodes the next morning.



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