Love Island USA Season 2 – Exotic and Romantic Show


Love is in the air with sensational and romantic reality show Love Island USA. We know that American and British fans of the show are certainly following all the updates of favourite American dating reality show. So, here we are for you! You must be aware that Its first season has a set of 22 episodes and earned marvellous ratings from critics. This show is based on the British series named as Love Island.

So viewers are recently getting to know the dating show, keep reading because we have all the grounds to consider to get familiar.

Procedural Storyline

Basically, this is a reality show that has proper rules and regulations for the participants.  This show involves a group of people in which hot girls and sexy boys are there, referred as islanders, living in isolation under video surveillance. 

To survive in the show, they have to couple up with another islander and perform different tasks as guided by the mentors. Each and every couple should give their best and try to win the tasks with best scores and at last, the one who survives till end is announced as a winner and earned the rewarded money $100,000. The person who remains alone was eliminated from the show.    

Love Island USA Season 2 – Exotic and Romantic Show

 In its second season, theme will remain same, but various new, romantic, and amazing tasks will be added for our entertainment. In first season Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber were crowned the winners and awarded by $100,000.

Airing of the Romance!

Its first season was released on July 9, 2019, on CBS. It comes with the package of 22 episodes and ended till August 7, 2019. In between first season, CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl confirmed the second season of the sizzling show. Romantic news was announced on one of the most romantic day of the year Valentine’s Day by the CBS that Love Island USA season 2 will be aired on May 21, 2020.

 But due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the romance stayed for a while. There is no new update about the installment of the second season yet. But we assure you that second season of this sizzling, exotic, hot romantic show will definitely melt your heart.


The first season was host by dazzling Arielle Vandenberg and the narrator named Matthew Hoffman. There is no particular update about the contestants or the host of the season 2 so, may be the host remains same for the upcoming season. New contestants will be participating in the season 2 and came from different part of the country. 

So, it will be very surprising and interesting to watch one of the best romantic reality shows. 

So, to know more updates about the release and new contestants Stay in touch!



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