Love Island’s Rachel Finni makes cookery mistake, and the show’s viewers are baffled at the newcomer

Source: The Independent

Love Island watchers were left confused by the food-related misconception of the newcomer Rachel Finni. On the Sunday night (4 July), the Finns, who had a 24-hour decision to connect with Brad McClelland and Chuggs Wallis, were introduced to the Islanders.

Finni mentioned that she was an “excellent cook” during her talk with McClelland questioning the worker about her culinary background. Then, she quizzed McClelland and explained that the former was ‘ducks with wine .’ He stated that he could cook coq-au vin or dauphinoise potatoes.

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Many spectators, however, quickly noted that coq au vin is chicken cooked in a glass of wine but chuckled about the trust Finni had in the ducks.

“I see Rachel tell you that coq au vin is confidently ducking when it comes to a chicken meal, love it,” observed a viewer. Another tweet read: “There is also the absolute trust Rachel misunderstood what Coq Au Vin is? We can strive solely to the energy.”

“Permitting that brad didn’t know what coq au vin was, but she didn’t even realise the chicken isn’t duck,” another writer writes. “When Rachel says that Coq au Vin is duck and wine is duck and wine is all right, you hear?” a fan joked. Another viewer wrote: “Rachel was so confident that she wasn’t right now what coq au wine is.”

Apart from that, once the show concluded on a cliffhanger, the spectator was left to “smoke,” leaving Finni’s choice between McClelland and Wallis in the balance. Tonight on ITV2, Love Island continues at 9.00 pm.

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