Love It or List It on HGTV back with new COVID-era episodes which are as satisfying as ever


Many people at times need to let their brains relax and unwind by going back to the old favourite shows and in the last few months of pandemic that has been especially true. A lot of shows are now beginning to return to the small screen and many of these bear the signs of the global national health crisis. These signs are the clearest on shows like the ones on HGTV, but with Love It or List It back with its new COVID-era episodes, the show remains very satisfying.

Most renovation or real estate shows involve people on the show interacting with each other and it would be impossible to film during the pandemic. So, the new episodes are a little different than they used to be. 

The first one, which aired on 2 November, featured a couple looking for a bigger place so they could both have home workspaces and more area for their pets. It started as it usually does, with the two addressing the audience about their needs but in the part where David Visentin drives them around, the camera suddenly switched to a phone-camera on a selfie-stick as the couple filmed themselves and communicated with David via video chat. It might seem like an abrupt shift but it worked!

While the dynamics between David and designer Hillary Farr and each new couple may be fun to watch, the interpersonal relationships are not the point of the show. Watching David and Hillary working on solutions together is also not the high point. The most satisfying moment for most viewers is the final peak at the completed design and getting a glimpse of the expensive houses. 

For most viewers, for whom these budgets and renovations are out of the question, Hit It or List It is about seeing a place and watching the renovations come together to create a dream space. It is about the before and after of a project. It’s a temporary escape from reality. And this works even with the reality of pandemic in the background. All viewers want from it are really the lovely wood floors, the built-in bookshelves, the glossy kitchen tiles. And the show still delivers all that!

Love It or List It airs on HGTV at 9 p.m. EST on Mondays. 


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