Filming for “Love of Kill” is scheduled to begin in 2022. Currently, it’s uncertain when the series will launch in the coming year. This may or may not be true, depending on whether the teaser trailer shows simply the most completed animation to date. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak in Japan, anime production has been slowed down. Because of COVID difficulties, the Toonami Uzumaki series was delayed until October 2022.

A release date for “Love of Kill” in early 2022 is possible if the series is nearly finished and needs some time to market itself and excite anime enthusiasts. When it comes to animation, voiceover, post-production and editing, “Love of Kill” may not be ready until later next year. The anime series should be released in the spring or summer of 2022 to interested audiences.

Platinum Vision has announced two cast members for “Love of Kill” so far. Voice actress Saori Onishi will play Chateau Dankworth in the series, according to Anime News Network. “Comic Girls,” “Blade & Soul,” “Demon Gaze II”, and other anime and video games have included Onishi’s voice.

According to Anime News Network, actor Hiro Shimono will portray Son Ryang-ha. Attack On Titan, Project X Zone, and My Hero Academia have all featured Shimono. However, both performers are experienced in anime voiceover roles and their casting as the respective characters make perfect sense.

There hasn’t been an announcement of the remainder of the cast yet, but that is sure to happen before the series premieres in 2022. According to the studio, “Love of Kill” appears primarily centred on the two major characters. Therefore they announced their casting first.

They both seem to have the same fundamental premise, a cross between Mr. & Mrs Smith and To Catch a Thief, in the original Fe manga and the Love of Kill series. If you’re looking for her reward, you’ll come across Chateau Dankworth, a professional assassin. There is a dispute between them, and Son becomes attracted to her. It’s unclear whether they’ll give in to their love or if one of them will die trying.

“Love of Kill” manga spans eleven volumes, so naturally, the plot has undergone various twists and turns. As a result, uncertainty exists as to whether or not the comics’ over-the-top plot beats will be carried over to the anime.



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