Love, Victor bosses reveal why Disney actually censored!

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One of the most known series on Disney+, “Love, Victor” has been banned recently by Disney and audiences are clueless where the show has gone from the OTT platform. But thankfully there is another reason behind the ban. 

Let’s find it out!

What is the reason for the ban?

When we interviewed Isaac Aptaker, the showrunner revealed that only a few scenes of the movie were banned. They were considered boring and were showing underage drinking.

He also said that “There is nothing to do with gay content. Supporting gay love is a plot of the movie. We just can’t ban it.”

What are the words of Elizabeth Berger?

Director of the movie, Elizabeth Berger says that “We just followed the direction and directed what the scenes and script of the storyline were demanding. The story will be very particular and will tell you what it is trying to tell you.”

One more secret!

The show was going to get premiered on Hulu first which was a great sign. As Hulu was watched by teenagers mostly. It was not very difficult to make the target audience was built already. 

By releasing on Disney+, makers thought that they took a great decision as now, it was reaching so many people. They were very lucky that they got the opportunity. 

Even the makers are feeling the same that they took a good decision to release it on Hulu in the US and Disney+ in the UK. And they know that it is working out.

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Where to watch?

If you are having a subscription to Disney+ or Hulu, then there is no need to go anywhere. You can just binge the season with your friends.

You can watch the trailer from here- 

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