Life was never easy for the African Americans of the 1950s. It is not like that their lives are easy now given the current campaign of Black Lives Matter but in the 1950’s it was worse. They had literally no rights whatsoever and were always abused by the White people.

Murders of the men and women, sexual abuses, child labor, and god know what happened with these innocent people. One can read books, watch documentaries, etc., to understand their condition better.

Right now, a TV series named ‘Lovecraft Country’ is gaining popularity for its apt depiction of the life of African Americans in the 1950s. Here is a small blooper of its 8th episode.


‘Lovecraft Country’ has become a fan favorite in a very short time and in its 8th episode, it can be seen that Christiana, the only white woman among the black people is recreating the death of Emmett Till.

It is a shocking moment in the show and everyone wonders why she is doing so.

The first reason for this behavior could be that Christiana wanted to prove that she is better than Till In the matter of surviving and coming back which kind of proves her invincible.

She may have done so also to show that only white women suffer.

The show is based on real-life stories of African Americans in the 1950s. The scene is quite moving and actually shows the torture African Americans had to undergo during that time. The show is directed by Misha Green and airs on the HBO network.

That‘s all for today. We will come back the next time with more news. Till then bye!


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