Lovecraft Country star shares her hopes for season 2

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Lovecraft Country has not yet been renovated for a second HBO season, but it is already being planned by the cast and creative team.  Jurnee Smollet, the first star of the series, has revealed that she wants to come back for another season while she didn’t want to go back to fantasy at first.  Not only that, but the creator of the show, Misha Green, promised it would be “unlike any thing that’s ever been on TV,” if renewed for the second season.

“When we finished one season, I thought I’d never be able to return to this world, but now I’m like, oh, I just want to go back. And I’m not sure what Misha thinks about it ” Misha Green told this. 

“She’s been told it’s bold and unlike anything else on TV, but we haven’t been picked up for season 2 yet. To be honest, I know just as much as you do.”  Smollett revealed that if the show returns, she believes Green’s plot will be “disturbing.”

It is a gift that she uses storytelling to illuminate Black people’s humanity in a disruptive, fresh, and unique way. Lovecraft is fundamentally a family drama. These family members could be from any family. It’s a difficult task to create something so one-of-a-kind, as told by the team.

 “I’m excited to see what we have in store for the second season,” Misha Green said earlier in Season 2. 

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Lovecraft country season 1 spoilers

“Old Jim Crow, good riddance,” says George Black in Lovecraft Country, the highly anticipated Black horror series. In the 1950s, America, with ‘Jim Crow’ segregation laws still in effect and representing the meeting point of horror and ultimate horror, was set up a television show full of monsters, aliens, and blood. 

The ten-episode series, based on Matt Ruff’s novel of the same name, explores religion, science fiction, and racism that stars Jurnee Smollett, Emmy winner Courtney B. Vance, and Jonathan Majors. Furthermore, the theme “Black History is Horror” is widely used, and it examines how Jim Crow distorted Black people’s lives in America at the time.

Horror films such as Get Out, MA, and Us thrive in the Black community. Lovecraft Country will be remembered in the same way. The show’s amazing and gory moments may confuse the audiovisuals, but trust us when we say that Lovecraft Country will take your breath away.

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