Lucifer Boss confirms surprise upcoming cameo


There are some news that keep us up throughout. What say?

Yes, and I have another such news Today.

Have heard of Lucifer?

It’s co-showrunner Joe Henderson has confirmed his surprise cameo on a Netflix series in future. Fans are of the view that he is following the footsteps of his fellow mate showrunner Ildy Modrovich who will be piping up for a guest appearance on the show, this is what he is overseeing. 

This news was revealed by Henderson through his Twitter handle in reply to a fan, where the fan claimed that  they want to see Henderson in a cameo role just like Ildy and the star certainly replied to it saying that it will surely happen. 

Now it’s quite a time for the fans to speculate whether he will be piping up for the second part of season five or the final season. 

Movorich has recently confirmed the ending of script writing for season six. Now it’s time for us to see when we get to have a glance of it and when Henderson will give us a treat to our eyes by making his cameo.

We are super-duper excited! Aren’t we?


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