Lucifer Season 6 start

The upcoming sixth and last season of Netflix’s Vertigo Comics adjustment, Lucifer has formally begun production. This update is provided by Joe Henderson, who reports the Twitter update. “Today is the first day of Lucifer Season 6 shooting”.

About Lucifer

In 2016, Lucifer appeared on Fox for the first time based on a similar character from the Sandman Universe created for the first three seasons following its cancellation by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg.

Then in 2019, Netflix restored Lucifer for Season 4 and later renewed it for Season 5, which was confirmed as the last episode. However, Lucifer has been renewed and is set to continue with season 6 following further talks.

Season 5 of Lucifer was divided into two parts, and in August the first half of it landed on Netflix the formal premiere date is not yet in section 2 of Season 5 as Season 6.

It has recently been discovered that, when the production stopped as a result of the pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19), Lucifer was still in the middle of filming its Season 5 final. The cast and crew returned in September to Season 5, announcing that Season 6 production will start right after the incident.

When we’re committing to Season 6, one of the best things we’ve decided is that we’re not going to adjust Season 5 because we enjoyed Season 5, that’s what Henderson decided. 

‘’When the back half is released after season 5 when season 5B is released, we think people can see how well a beautiful jigsaw puzzle suits the entire season but we finished season 5, I didn’t want to change the end. I just love it. What we did. What we did. We did what we did. ‘’

We essentially stopped Act 6 when Ildy was in the midsection of writing, and we remembered, retrospectively, we were quite going rapidly and summarizing the periods there might potentially be novels.


He clarified that Stage 5 was already where it will be, that the last moments are only being extended to his own time. Season 5 is exactly as it was meant to be, saving for the end of the season itself, and all the various suggestions we had before we hit it and discussed it, he said.

It’s always been crucial for us to make sure Season 5 kept our own story, and then encourage us to pursue a new story that we didn’t realize there was anything about.

Stay tuned with us and enjoy reading.


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