Lucifer: Most Underrated Moments In The Show


“Lucifer” would be the first show to establish a “ride or die” fandom in such a short amount of time. The show engaged viewers with its blend of action and humour from its debut in 2016 to supporters attempting to save the show till its finale in 2021. 

The plot revolved around the titular Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), who becomes dissatisfied with his life in hell and seeks to go to Los Angeles. He builds a partnership and bond with LAPD Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) while on Earth.

Chloe’s Filmography 

Despite the darker tone of season one, there was still plenty of excellent comedy to be discovered, with numerous solid exchanges and insults. A magnificent exchange between Lucifer and Chloe in the show’s first episode was one of the more enjoyable moments.

For the first time, Chloe notices Lucifer’s scars. 

Throughout the remainder of the series, Lucifer’s contempt for his father was a recurring theme in his character arc. Lucifer’s rebellion was stopped and he was expelled from heaven by his father, who is literally God and the creator of all things. 

Lucifer took a vacation after toiling in hell for almost a millennium and culling through tortured souls, as mentioned in the pilot. Lucifer was inspired to stay — by any means necessary — in the mortal realm after being exposed to the glories of the contemporary age. This would culminate to Lucifer, with the help of Maze, severing his own wings on the beaches of Los Angeles.

At the auction, Lucifer and Amenadiel 

Throughout the entire series, the encounters between Lucifer and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) were a constant source of conflict. Their tense connection would blossom into a healthy and mature familial tie, rather than a fiery conflict laced with deceptions. 

We got a taste of this softer relationship during the first season of the programme in the episode “Wingman,” where Lucifer’s treasured item — his wings — had been stolen and he’d made it his mission to recover them. Amenadiel reluctantly consented to help after calculating that letting a fragment of divinity loose on Earth would be disastrous.

This led them to an underground auction where the wings, along with other claimed holy relics, were listed as a high-priced item.

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