Lucifer star DB Woodside clears a fan theory

Source: Digital Spy

A fan theory surrounding the mid season cliffhanger ending in the fifth season of the show has finally got a response from the Lucifer star DB Woodside. However, the same hasn’t been resolved on screen yet. Lucifer is all ready and prepared to tell Chloe Decker that he loves her but Season 5A, as it is often known by that name, just ends there midway, considering the time just freezes for a while.

In fact, makers have also shown a brawl between the appearance of God and angelic siblings wherein God is not really pleased to see that his kids are not getting along any longer. Now, if we consider the time freezing part, the obvious reason behind this would be Amenadiel. However, fans have something else to be put on the table.

Source: Digital Spy

According to them, it is Lucifer who may have consciously pressed pause on the world. He is just going to tell the love of his life that he truly loves her but can’t really make the move. So, it is that sort of a thing wherein you would like to take a pause for a while but you have done it on a much larger scale ultimately.

It does seem to be a plausible and a cute idea but that certainly isn’t the case as the actor playing Amenadiel, Woodside, took to Twitter to sort things out. The actor confessed that it was Amenadiel indeed who was responsible behind freezing the time and the functioning of the entire world all of a sudden. In addition to that, the actor also made a point to give an invitation of Season 5b to them because fans can’t really wait to see what happens next in the show after this cliffhanger.


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