Lucifer star on how they really feel about season 5’s shock twist

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Kevin Alejandro, star of Lucifer, spoke about the shocking twist in Season 5B. On the Netflix drama, the actor plays detective Dan Espinoza, who was assassinated unexpectedly at the command of Michael (Tom Ellis) and died tragically in Chloe’s arms.

Kevin confirmed in a recent episode that he approved the fact that Dan will appear in a certain capacity in season 6, despite his death on the screen, of killing his character.

“Yeah, it felt right,” he said of Dan’s death on a weekly basis. And it’s still natural.

“Look, we’ve had the opportunity to go as far as we want while still respecting our audience and the world that was created from the start.” They did an excellent job of carrying on the business.”

Lucifer’s sixth and final season began filming in March of this year, with an air date yet to be determined.

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Showcase artist Joe Henderson described the previous season as “radically different” from season 5B. “The fifth season is big and an epic one, but the sixth season would be stated as sweet and personal and it won’t be a wrong statement either.”

“They are so dissimilar, yet so intertwined. It is very much part of a developing business.”

Lucifer seasons four, five, and six are now available on Netflix”[This] isn’t the last episode you’ll see from Dan,” he explained. It could be through flashbacks or attempting to figure out what is going on. I had him scheduled for the sixth season for a while, so he’s back… Not everyone anticipates it in this manner. In my opinion, the sixth season is an authentic evolution of what we’ve been working on since the beginning. There are references to previous episodes that only those who have been with us since the beginning will notice.

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