Lucius Malfoy’s course of action after the war in Harry Potter films

Source: Screen Rant

One of the most interesting factions in the world of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series are the Malfoys. This is undoubtedly the case, isn’t it? The pure-bred Malfoys are habitual of affiliating themselves with the muggle population or shunning the wizards who are related to, being completely upright and aristocratic. They have gotten great influence within the magical community due to their high level of affluence and wealth.

The Malfoys were defined and introduced to be some of the first ex-Death Eaters who were looking forward to renewing their loyalty with the Dark Wizard when Voldemort returned in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. However, this does not go properly on the line and the family turns out to be increasingly disenfranchised with their master as their station with Voldemort vanes over the series.

Source: Screen Rant

We witness that the Malfoys are keen on abandoning this particular cause by the end of Voldemort’s life. In fact, he was also betrayed by the family’s patriarch and one of Voldemort’s most loyal followers, Lucius Malfoy (played by Jason Isaacs in the films). He took the course in order to protect his son (Draco) in the final hour.

More importantly, this situation was given rise because the Malfoys switched the sides at the very last, completely overturning the game altogether. Due to this course of action, they were easily granted amnesty for all their crimes by the remaining wizarding world. However, after the Second Wizarding War, Lucius did not seem to show any kind of regret for having betrayed Voldemort but we did witness the distrustful taste against him that exists among the other wizards.


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