Luke Hemsworth Shows Interest to Play The Next Wolverine in New Marvel Film


A big question is doing rounds on the Internet about who will be the next Wolverine. Marvel fans have created their list of actors who are perfect for the role. Some say, Tom Hardy, some say Daniel Radcliffe, and the list goes on.

Recently, The Boys star Antony Starr who plays as Homelander, expressed that he wants to play the next Wolverine. After a few weeks, Luke Hemsworth also showed interest in playing the same character for any upcoming Marvel films. The Death of Me actor said that he would like to play that role. 

Fans have always seen Hugh Jackman playing the character since 2000. He was also seen in several standalone movies and made numerous appearances in various X-Men films. Last time, he was seen in 2017’s Logan, and since then, he has taken retirement from the role.

It is going to be hard for the creators if they ever decide to bring another actor for the role. And for fans, nobody can top Jackman’s performance in any Wolverine film. We believe that the film can get a reboot in the future.

Even Marvel has gained control over the character so, Wolverine might become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe along with other X-Men heroes soon. 

Aside from that, the company is still deciding to reboot the flick. And now, two actors have put their hats on the ring.

Luke Hemsworth wishes to play another superhero in Marvel. You might be thinking about how it can be his second role? Well, let us remind you that he did a cameo in Thor: Ragnarok.

While talking to a source, Hemsworth said that he grew up watching Wolverine, and he also learned drawing through comics.

Apart from Wolverine, he also loved Todd McFarlane’s Spawn and Batman. He also jokingly said that to play the character he will have to grow chest hair, which he would surely do to get the role.

If we take a break and think, then Luke is the best fit for the role. It would be so entertaining to see him act against his younger brother. In the past, he has also proven himself in various films and series, and most importantly in Westworld series. He also has a perfect body to play the role.


It will be a great relief for the fans if Marvel decides a reboot first. And if they are looking for an actor, then Hemsworth would be a nice choice. So do you think he is the right candidate for Wolverine? Or do you have any other actor in your mind? Let us know whom do you prefer as Wolverine in the next film.

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