Lupin Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Netflix Renewal Status

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Since the Spanish crime drama “Money Heist” has been released in the market, it is breaking the records by being watched with a high number of audiences every single day. 

Now, the French version of mystery-comedy is going to get released, which will be named “Lupin”. Season 1 was having 5 episodes. and now, viewers are demanding more. 

So, season 2 of the series is on the way. In this article, we are going to know about its release date, casts, plot, and characters of the series.

Release Date of “Lupin” season 2:

5 episodes of season 1 are trending on Netflix as of now. 

As of rumors and announcements, the production of season 2 has already started this 28th January. So, with anticipation, it can be said that “Lupin” season2 will be out on Netflix by the end of 2021 or at the beginning of 2022. 

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Since then, you all can download and watch season 1 just by tapping on the link- 

Casts of “Lupin” season 2:

The makers of the show have not yet disclosed the casts and characters of “Lupin” season 2. All we know is that Vincent Londez is going to play the role of detective police. 

We will update the page as we will get more confirmed information. 

Synopsis of “Lupin” season 2:

Season 1 of Lupin was revolving around the professor, who was having a very sharp mind and was a huge criminal who makes a group of eight thieves and took hostage in ‘Royal Mint of Spain’ and they all forced the police to carry out the crime. 

Season 2 will loosely base on the same theme where Diop will become a gentleman. When asked the makers of the series, they said that it is going to be the revenge story of Diop. 

Revenge against the family of Pellegrini for the wrong deeds. They also hinted that “We are already on a big road and now want to make it a big story.”

To know more, stay tuned to the page. 

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