Lupin’s plans have all led to this! @OmarSytakes you inside the Part 2 finale

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Assane makes major steps with his squad to bring down Hubert Pellegrini’s criminal organisation permanently in Netflix’s Lupin, which boasts a twist-filled conclusion.

Part 2 of Netflix’s Lupin sees Assane Diop (Omar Sy) on the run after Hubert Pellegrini and his henchmen exposed his career as a skilled thief.

Assane and his accomplice, Ben, leave, but they soon have their chance to retaliate at a charity event that the terrorist is holding, where he plans to steal the cash and transfer them to an offshore bank account. It leads to another robbery and a suspenseful conclusion with twists and a tragic conclusion.

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Lupin Story Assane Could Pull From In Lupin Part 3

Omar Sy has already hinted that Lupin Part 3 will be released, although Netflix has yet to confirm this. George Kay, the show’s creator, has also announced that development on a new part of the series has begun. While the chapter on Pellegrini has come to an end, there are still plenty of stories to be recounted.

After all, Assane is on the run and might arrange a series of heists to get back to Paris without being apprehended by the cops. The Strange Home, in which Arsène Lupin disguises himself as a sailor and ends himself in a count’s mansion to unravel the mysterious history surrounding two affluent families that despise each other, might serve as inspiration for Lupin Part 3.

“The Countess of Cagliostro,” which may take Assane to Italy, could be tackled in Lupin Part 3. Lupin takes money from a casino only to learn it is counterfeit later in the narrative. He is ultimately drawn into the orbit of a countess, an ancient treasure, and a mystery surrounding the countess’ youth despite her claim to be over a century old. Assane sought to deceive Leonard by bringing up a detail from “The Countess of Cagliostro” in Lupin Part 2.

Part 3 may, however, build on it. In the coming season, it’s also conceivable that Assane may encounter his own Herlock Sholmes Leblanc’s take on the name when Arthur Conan Doyle objected to the character’s initial use Part 3 alluded to Herlock, but the programme might go all out with a genuine battle of wits. Whatever happens next, Lupin has enough of storylines from the source material to explore while continuing to add its own twists.

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